Project Statement 
An installation that provides a light science education through interactive games.

Elementary school students - 5, 6 grades

Project Output   
Information + Game installation

Project Goal  
Physical experiments with actual light can replace difficult situations such as invisible side track of light. Through interesting interactions(games), students can avoid learning directly from 2D pictures of book, and unconditionally remembering. Students will be able to learn science in an active situation.

HCI Korea 2016 - 1st Prize

Lead designer, Planner, UI Designer
Main contributed in ideation, researching, prototyping, UI Design
“How can we make science light-education easier and more interesting?”
we conducted a light experiment with existing tools that elementary school students study with
                     1. It is hard to reach the desired point with the light. 
                     2. It is difficult to check with your eyes how light moves.                                  
                     3. It it clueless to know how light passes through the lens in refraction.
                     4. It is just reviewing contents of the book without being able to do deeper physical learning.

Insight  -    Must show the process of light movement.
Design Concept
1. Learning elements
   - Learn the basic concept of light
   - Describe the concepts of reflection, refraction, synthesis, dispersion in textbooks and explain the
      movement of light with animation.

2. Exercises
   - Exercises the basic concept of light
   - Understanding of the characteristics of light and understanding of tools to experiment
     with direct light source
   - Use magnifying glass view (detail view) to show in detail how the light breaks

3. Advanced Learning
   - Concept : Move the light to the deeper part of the ocean, where light does not reach
   - Goal : Get points as you move light and go deeper into the ocean, Find the treasure box by awaking z
      the sleeping life deep inside the sea.
Installation Design
We designed the installation that can provide both graphics and actual light. We find out beam projector itself can be a light source displayed in various images.
Information Architecture
UI Design
Game UI layout design based on experiments with actual light and the tools
design considerations
-  The light should reach the edge of the screen 
-  Measure maximum distance that users can reach 
-  Sight movement on the desk (Should be easy to follow the graphics)
-  Development issue : It is difficult to recognize the tool in the corner of the screen