Project statement
Yoring is a community app that offers suggestions on how to have fun and share more delicious, easy-to-eat recipes with a confrontation theme

20-30s students or workers

Service output
Social Network, community app

It's pretty rare to see student's or workers who live alone cooking their own food. 
Cooking can be a pain in the neck or a motiveless task because it spends too much time and money just for 12-20 minutes eating alone. Cooking should be short and considered easy. So we started designing a fun and easy to use recipe app with the question below.

“How to make people who live alone feel easy and self-initiative for cooking?”

Lead designer, UI Designer
Main contributed in ideation researching, prototyping, UI Design

Similar contents/app analysis

Contents from
Facebook pictures, Blog, 3 different recipe apps

Explanations of food are simple and short because the recipe on the media contains many photos.
The way of uploading recipes is diverse - there is no explanation of pictures.

Before users complete uploading the recipe, you will see the final upload, and the edited picture.
The information given by the photograph has more impact rather than the sentences
The photo on recipe registration is required and registered.
Easily add, delete recipe steps. 

Too many steps of recipe registrations 
Ambiguous Targets

Design Concept
Confrontation composition
A user who wants to join a game requests a confrontation by picking up the posted content on the list. 
The contents are sequentially displayed in order of  recommendations in confrontation and personal recipes.

Wireframe & User Test
We iterated our wireframe design by conducting usability testing with a paper prototype. 
Our participants provided feedbacks on accessibility, and discoverability of the UI.

User Test
We proceeded user test on 12 tasks and 20 questions. 6 participants joined

• Where, and How they find the app fun?

Easy to use, Easy to Join
• Do the users can participate in the functions?
• Is there any troublesome navigation when users join in applications such as voting, recipe raising (Confirm that the menu is understandable intuitively as described)

• Do the users understand the contents of each menu?
• Check the availability of well-known functions of each menu structure(Naming, menu position, grasp menu structure)

• Must be more fun if the contents are more frequently updated (2 weeks)
• Design to make the overall theme feel more confrontation
• Make a photo comment function in the comment section

Easy to use, Easy to Join
• Fix super rookie (news feed) naming
• Reconstruct the bar menu (Update / confrontation / ranking / my).
• Also make two pages in order of ranking and update pages in confrontation menu

• Add a search function to join the confrontation with friends
• Add tags to find an opponent easily

UI Design
Rookie - Recipes shown - A page where you can see the new recipe. Regardless of the recommendation,  the latest content is displayed in order. 
Register recipes -  The recipe registration process is the same as the content order on the recipe detail page.
Recipe page - Intro - The recipe page contains a brief description. Price registration of ingredients, photographs, brief recipe explanations and recipe courses should be registered as mandatory. 

Photo recipe - The recipe process can be explained concisely with photos 

Comments - With photo recipes and comments, people can interact with the user who posted the recipe
Yoring - Confrontation page You can see confrontation contents in order of recommendation and update. The confrontation is bound to a theme, and the theme setting can be registered with no restriction when the user registers the yoring.
Ranking & My page -  The recipe rankings and the popular confrontation rankings that received a lot of likes are divided into two tabs. On my page, you can see my recipe, yoring, favorite recipe.